Thursday 31 March 2022

KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online in 2022

Cartoons give us a different feeling of joy and all the cartoon characters have special space in our heart as we as children have spent a lot of time with these characters. As we grow up, we get busy and our priorities change but sometimes watching cartoons with other children helps us feel nostalgic. But with time some of our famous characters have disappeared from today’s channels, and we still miss them. If you used to watch cartoons in your childhood then you know watching them in your adulthood brings back your childhood days with a smile on your face and happiness in your heart.

Keeping this in mind, KissCartoon website brings you a whole new online platform where you can watch your favorite cartoon shows online as well as you can download them to watch later. KissCartoon contains millions of cartoon videos, movies, different anime characters and cartoon channels, and you can access all of this totally free. To check the more features of the Kiss cartoon website you may refer to here you will see everything about Kiss Cartoon and its proxy sites which are still working. As the popularity of this site increased, various cartoon production houses and anime characters' copywriters complained that providing all this stuff without their consent is illegal and unethical as well as a violation of copyright rules. Because of this KissCartoon has to shut its servers down though there are various proxy sites and mirror links working in some countries, but the main site is not updating new contents.


Though the variation in content and the cartoon library KissCartoon has is unmatched but if it is not working in your country then you can go for KissCartoon Alternatives which brings you almost the same experience as KissCartoon but some of these are not free, and you have to pay some membership fees and some of these are free.One thing you should keep in mind that all these are alternatives to KissCartoon, and they may contain some pirated and unethical content too, circulation of which is is illegal in some countries.


Though there are tons of websites which contain cartoons and anime movies with thousands of characters, we have chosen some of the prominent ones which are best in this area. These websites are listed here along with the URL so that you can directly go to the website and watch your favorite  show. 



Alternatives of KissCartoon

Links to directly access

  1. Kiss Anime 

  1. Kim Cartoon 

  1. Toon Get 

  1. Toonova 

  1. Cartoon Network 

  1. Watch series 

  1. Nyaa 

  1. Crunchyroll 

  1. Toon Jet 

  1. Nickelodeon 

  1. Funimation 

  1. Disney Now 

  1. Cartoons On 

  1. Anime Dao 

  1. Anime Toon 


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Thursday 10 February 2022

How to Use Activator 2022 in Windows 10?

Undoubtedly, activator download is one of the easiest ways to activate windows 10 or other Windows operating systems.  In fact, is considered as the permanent Window 10 pro activator. This means, using you can activate your Window 10 system for a lifetime.  However, if you’re wondering how to use 10 activator txt to activate Windows 10 for free i.e., without a product key then, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve listed the steps for activating your Windows 10 in a completely legal manner. Have a look—

  • You’ve to first open the Chrome Browser.

  • Then, go to this link to copy the complete Code as ‘New File’ or just download it.

  • Now, ‘Save’ the copied or downloaded file with any name for instance ‘Windows Activator.’

  • Following that, run the Windows 10.txt file as ‘Administrator’ and just wait for a few minutes to complete the Windows 10 activation process.

That’s it! You’re now all set to enjoy the ‘Windows Activator Full Version Free Download.’ Moreover, if you also want to read about how you can use this tool for Windows 8 activation or about 7 for activating Windows 7 then, simply consider visiting for the same.

Monday 22 November 2021

Torrent Search Engine for Movie

 Zooqle has been around for over six years and has over 18 million files on its website. It is an ideal torrent search engine for movie lovers, and it works with most major torrent websites. Although its domain name changes from time to time, it is still one of the best. If you have a blocked torrent site, Zooqle will keep the site active. It is similar to Torrentz2, but is based on meta-searching and uses data from other search engines.

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Monday 9 August 2021

Is Watchseries legal | Watchseries And its Alternatives

It's most likely not legal for you to sell it, but it is not illegal for you to watch it as long as you get permission from the distributors. Watchseries is basically an internet-based TV show available to any person who wants to watch, but the use of "watchseries'' is different.

 Many people compare online tv shows like Watchseries to the famous pay per view channels, but the truth is that these online TV shows are actually very low budget. This is because the production cost for producing Watchseries is extremely low as compared to other types of media and cable shows.


If you want to watch free movies online, all you have to do is to visit sites that offer this service. In order to find the best free movie site that offers Watchseries, I recommend using a site that offers a wide range of content and shows. I personally recommend sites that offer the best movies and TV shows. Websites that only offer one genre or the other will be of little help when it comes to watching movies. I recommend sites that cover every major genre and every imaginable show and movie. 

If you want to watch movies online without getting into legal trouble, Watchseries and its alternatives is the best option is to use a service that offers both Watchseries and streaming movies online. You can download the files from these websites using a legal downloaded file sharing program such as transfer programs such as Windows Media Player. 

Many sites also offer antivirus protection for your computer in case you encounter a virus infection. You may also want to consider downloading a virtual private server so that you won't have to share your hard drive space with thousands of other users.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

List of Working Extratorrent Proxy Sites in 2021 to Unblock Extratorrent


Here are the updated extratorrents proxy and mirror site list that you can use for unblock extratorrents website.



URLs List


ExtraTorrent proxy 1

ExtraTorrent proxy 2

ExtraTorrent proxy 3

ExtraTorrent proxy 4

ExtraTorrent proxy 5

ExtraTorrent proxy 6

ExtraTorrent proxy 7

ExtraTorrent proxy 9


Even though there are many problems linked with the ExtraTorrents Proxy websites list, it should be kept in mind that the list is provided on the basis of the legitimate rights of the copyright holder. Therefore, if you are using any of the content material from the copyrighted material, you should not download the material from any of the ExtraTorrents websites. However, if you do need to download any of the material from the site, then you can do so only after paying a fee, which is not required by the hosting sites. You can check out the information on the torrent websites and torrent search engines at the dedicated web portals. You can also read more about Extra Torrents and its operations from the online media.

Saturday 12 June 2021

Know About Stream2watch and its Alternative


With all of the different devices that are on the market that will allow you to watch online over the internet, you might be wondering which is the best Stream2watch alternative that you can find on the internet today. Many people will use the Stream2watch as an answer to those who have tried stream watching on their PC but found that they had a hard time getting it to work right. What you might not know is that there is software that is made specifically for this device and will allow you to watch your TV shows or movies right on your computer screen.

You will be able to watch any type of program at any time of the day no matter what time it is. If you have one of these systems then you will never again have to worry about missing that important football game again. It can be quite frustrating when you are trying to go about your daily business only to find out that you are going to miss the game because you were not able to watch it over the internet. This can be a real bummer and is why so many people have decided to just get themselves a unit such as the Stream2watch so that they are able to always know where they will be able to watch the games without having to miss them.

KissCartoon Alternatives to Watch Cartoon Online in 2022

Cartoons give us a different feeling of joy and all the cartoon characters have special space in our heart as we as children have spent a l...